Third Generation


Son, John and his partner, Amber, are currently studying to become the family's future winemakers. They are enthusiastic about learning to craft high-quality grapes into wines using natural techniques and leaving a low carbon footprint. John is developing a river side trail and picnic area for tasting room visitors to explore and enjoy. Amber is passionate about sourcing and preparing local, organic ingredients for the tasting room menu that pair perfectly with Croft Vineyards' wine. 

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(Left) Founder, Chancy Croft with his son, Lee Croft (right).

​​Second Generation 


Son, Lee Croft and his wife Terri, moved from Alaska to Salem to help run the family business. Lee immerses himself diligently with the overall management and operations of the vineyard and company. Lee also experiments with different wine-making methods in the newly finished winery. With a beautiful tasting room and 18-acre orchard, Terri enjoys coordinating and holding events. Together, they make an admirable and well-versed team!

Talented Crew  


Long-time employee and all-around knowledgeable operations manager, Esteban, and his son's Miguel and Roberto, head up a crew of farmers who deserve ample credit in bringing Croft Vineyards wines to our tables. Their years of expertise and dedication are the backbone of Croft's fabulous offerings. Let's all raise a glass to the Ramos Family!

It all started with the founders 


In 1983 a couple from Alaska started a brand new adventure, growing grapes in Oregon. While still working on their respective careers in law and education, the desire to be with the earth, honor it, and coax something lovely from its soil became a serious goal. With a free-spirited entrepreneurial spirit, they investigated the Napa Valley and its northern counterpart, the Willamette Valley. Acreage in Monmouth, Oregon proved to be the best fit for the couple and the adventure began! There were some hilarious, frightening, and light-shedding missteps along the way, all leading to years of growth and discovery. Growth and discovery for their families, the extended clan of Croft supporters, and, of course, the grapes. When asked about the motivation behind difficult and progressive farming decisions, Founder Chancy Croft was known to reply, "It's about the grapes, 'cause all great wines start in the vineyard." In the end, it really is all about the grapes, isn't it?

​This past year Chancy and Toni sat down with their daughter Kym to record the Croft Vineyard story. In multiple interviews with her folks, Kym uncovered the joys, frustrations, and rewards of building the Croft Vineyards community into what it is today: a clan of warm, dedicated, genuine folks who know how to produce some stellar award-winning wines. Cheers to the founders and their steadfast commitment to the grapes!